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In our life laptop is more important thing. Many words we can done on our laptop. We can use our laptop in our office our college and our regular work also so we need a powerful battery backup in our laptop. We are fully dependent on our laptop battery because we could not work why our laptop battery is discharge. Our busy schedule we could not have a time to charge laptop battery regularly. So that is the reason our laptop battery will not charge fully and we could not work on that type of laptop which have not charge. This type of laptop which have low battery backup it is an useful for us. It is very hard to work with like this type of laptop.
to understand all this things today I am giving you some useful tips how you can save your laptop battery life. This steps will help you to improve your battery backup also.

  1. Adjust the battery settings-
    If you want toyour laptop battery will go longer than you have to change your laptop power settings. The best power setting will help to do laptop battery go longer and discharge minimum. You can find the settings to your control panel and you can change their power settings and low brightness for save your battery consumption.
  2. Don’t connect other device to laptop-yes friends this is another tips to save your battery life to don’t connect other devices to your laptop like mouse USB pen drive for printer this device is more consumption of battery if you you don’t want to use then you can remove it and you will see your battery life will increase much more than before.
  3. Turn off laptop Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection – Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection is more taking battery.because this connection always finding a network and that is the reason the laptop and mobile devices also use lots of battery to find a network connection so the battery will discharge why your Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection is on. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth always searches signal and they always need to the battery so when you don’t want to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi then please turn off it and you can see your battery life will remaining more than before.
  4. Stop unwanted apps and process – this is another tips to save your battery know our laptop is multitasking and lots of apps and softwares are running in our background when we are not using itwhat this app is running in our background so if you are not using this app or software you have to to stop their process to going the task manager. When you stop this all unuseful apps and their process you can see your laptop performance will be increase automatically and it takes minimum battery so this is the very important tips to save your laptop battery life.
  5. Increase your ram- if your system has a low RAM then your system will not work properly because if you have a low RAM power then you are sitting take a lot of time to complete the task so it means your assistant takes too much time to complete the task and take a lots of battery so if you want to you complete your task with fastly with low battery then increase your RAM size it will help you to save your battery life very easily
  6. Check your laptop temperature- yes friends if you are put your laptop in low temperature area then and your laptop battery will not work properly so so always check your laptop temperature if it is a hi then try to put your laptop in cold or low temperature area this will help you to recharge your battery very fastly.
  7. Do not overcharge- if you doing over charge your laptop battery that means your battery cells will damage more.when you are battery cells damage that means your battery life will be low so so do proper concentration or remember that thing do not overcharge your laptop. When your laptop charge hundred percent then turn off the power that will be help to your battery life
  8. Update your software regularly- you think what is the relation between software and laptop battery but actually it is. Every software is effect to laptop battery.because if you have a old software on your laptop that means it takes lot of time and when you takes a lots of time that means your battery will consumption very fast so try to use updateable software in your laptop that will help you to complete your task very fastly and your battery will be save at the same time
    So friend that is the important tips to save your laptop battery life you can use this tips to your mobile battery life also I hope you like this post very much and if you like this pose then please share and if you want to ask something or you have a query then please send us email or write down the comment box.

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