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Everyone like to capture their photos. Before smartphone we are using cameras.we are clicking our pictures and this pictures will save to our laptop or computer. But nowadays we have a latest smartphone the camera replaced by two smartphone. This types of photo will fresh over memories.
Suppose you click lots of pictures and you save it but when you come back your home and check this photos deleted then what will you do so today in this post I will give you some important tips to save your photos lifetime.
1 remember when you are delete your photos try to do not delete that photos in your memory card try to delete that photos to your cameras when you do this you can see your memory cards files will be safe.
2.Use extra memory card – when you are travelling that time you will need a extra memory really don’t know when one card is damage that time you can use external memory card to save your photos instantly.

  1. Use memory card case- when you are using memory card in your hand that time you have to use the memory card case this case will help you to protect your memory card from dust and other things also. This case is helpful to save your memory card life when you are memory card will say that means your photos and your memory is your photos will be safe.
  2. Always have a backup – try to backup your photos and videos of files regularly. Because the backup is very helpful when you are deleting some photos unfortunately if you take your photos and file backup then you will be not remorse that time.because you have already backup that particular files so it will helpful to you save your photos and files easily.
  3. Using cloud storage – today we have lots of cloud storage available so if you don’t have any type of backup you can use online backup is called cloud storage. Cloud storage is available very easily and it will help you to anytime anywhere.when you use the cloud storage you don’t need to carry the loss of memory cards and backup files also you just go to that particular site and download your backup files very easily.
    6.Use restore program – today in internet there are lots of softwares and programs available to recover your memory card files and photos so while you are data will be lost then don’t worry. Because the program will help to recover your files very easy and fast.
    So friends 30 some important tips to save your photos safely I hope you like this post very much then please comment on it if you have some queries or some questions you can write down us to comment or Email us we will try to solve your queries and we are always welcome to your suggestions.

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