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hello friends today we are going to learn how to use your Android WhatsApp application to your laptop or computer. Friends as you know today WhatsApp is the most popular application in all Android application most of the people use the WhatsApp regularly and they want to use WhatsApp there desktop or laptop is very easy and simple process to use your WhatsApp to laptop or computer.

       Most of the people don’t know how to use WhatsApp to laptop or computer but while you read this course you can easily understand how to use your WhatsApp to your laptop or computer. In this post I will explain you how to use WhatsApp to your laptop or computer very quickly and easily

First method –

 # QRode scanner method- friends this method is very easy and popular method. Every WhatsApp has a setting option and this method you can use very easily and quickly connect your WhatsApp to laptop or computer. But you have to to use software in your computer that name is WhatsApp.this application is easily available on can search Google WhatsApp application for PC and you will find it very easily. If you don’t have a WhatsApp application for software then you can go WhatsApp application website you will find they are one QR code is available on this website. Same QR code will you fine on the application which is installed before.

       Why you see the QR code on your desktop or computer screen you have to you are Android phone.

Open your Android phone WhatsApp application

Then click on right side three dot and you will find there are some menus available.

One menu is there Whatsapp web.

Click on this menu and you will find there your camera is ready to capture QR code.

You have to to arrange your camera in front of that QR code which is is on your laptop or computer screen.

While you to arrange your camera to front of laptop or desktop screen the dekstop will and your camera will but try to connect or try to scan that QR code and the QR code will be connected to your WhatsApp application.

after that connection you will find your WhatsApp messages and group messages will show on the front of the your desktop screen.

Once you are connected with desktop or laptop to your WhatsApp you can easily access all the Whatsapp features in your desktop that is simply great method.

but use this application you have to use both internet connection in your laptop and mobile also and the same time

        This QR code still why you are not logged out or while your internet connection is broken it’s still going on whether you are going outside of the laptop.

     if you want to disconnect your WhatsApp and desktop connection then you have to click again your WhatsApp application three dot after that you will see there are option to logout and you can easily log out to the desktop or laptop if you want to connect again then do this all steps once again.

       So friends that is the first method to connect your WhatsApp to your laptop or computer and easily access to your WhatsApp all features and send and received all types of messages and documents also. Now we are learn what is the second method to WhatsApp use in your laptop or computer let’s go

Second method is that

Using of you Android emulator –

  Actually Android emulator is working as a Android player Android emulator plays all the Android applications to your laptop or desktop computer.the you later is a basic software of Android player so if you want to use Android apps on your laptop or desktop computer then you have to use Android emulator it will play all the Android application to your laptop or desktop computer.

      The Android emulator is easily available to Google search

You have to download and install this software to your laptop or computer first.

When you install the software you can see there are look like our Android mobile phone. You can easily find their play store application pre install.

      You have to open this free install application play store you have to just sign in and search WhatsApp on play store like our Android phone. Why you download the WhatsApp application to your laptop you just have to install and open it

      When you open the WhatsApp application you will see see the installation process like our Android phone you have to register a mobile number and your name profile photo etc.

        After that full installation you will see the Android emulator is easily play you are WhatsApp application on your desktop or laptop.

        In this method you can also use your WhatsApp all features and functions like send messages receive messages send documents and chat your friends group discussions and all type of task which is you are using on your Android smartphone.

        So friends  that is two methods which I have explain you to how to use your WhatsApp application to your laptop and desktop computer also.

v       I hope you like this post and this post will helpful you to understand how to use your WhatsApp to your desktop computer or laptop very easily if you have any type of queries then please write down the comment section and if you have some type of suggestions and then you can mail us thank you very much.

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