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hello friends today we are going to discuss a very very important topic on how to save our Facebook account I am giving you some important tips to save your account. In today lots of people using social media. In social media the best platform is Facebook because lots of people use Facebook regularly. Facebook is not only used for sharing their post of photos but in now a days Facebook using lots of things lots of peoples are using Facebook to in earn money and sharing lots of things we can share Facebook on videos photos live chats live videos and lots of things Facebook become a most popular website.
These all are the benefits of Facebook but we know the technology helps lot of us but same time the technology gives some drawbacks with it.
This drawback will harmful for us if you are not using proper type which technology.As we know the Facebook is a social media so we are sharing lots of our personal information on Facebook so show some people will misuse of our personal information. If you are not doing secure Facebook using then you will see your Facebook account will operate automatically like liking post sharing and committing and lots of things will be at automatic. So question is that how to safe our Facebook account.
Lots of will trap of this things. Because their Facebook ID is hack and somebody use their Facebook account and they don’t know how to solve this problem.
Today Facebook trying to their best to give us a secure website. We have to do only give some security settings and our Facebook account will be secure. If you are carefully read all this things and reply to your Facebook account there your account will be safe from this types of rods for hackers.
1.Block on useful apps and website from Facebook-
When you are using Facebook that time lots of websites and news feed are available on Facebook.some people like that website on news feed and they will like ok that website for following that particular things. But when you are like a follow this website it may be a fraud website or fraud apps this apps will automatically install to your mobile or computer and it only we get all your data all your personal information so that will help the hackers to hack your account. So always try to use verified applications and software website.if you see that particular hackers type of website you have to block all this website from your account

  1. Stop auto like feature- some people are used search like this type of apps auto like. This auto like apps will increase their post likes so if you are using this type of abs it will be harmful to your Facebook account because this type of of is asking you to permission access your Facebook account. And if you are giving your permissions to access your account that it most of the chances to hack your account easily.because you are already give them all type of permissions to access your account. So never give a permission tu to that type of application or software which is related with Facebook
    3.verify your Facebook account with email id and mobile number-that is most important thing your email id and your phone number is connected with Facebook account.when you verify your email and your mobile number with Facebook account that means your security will increase. Because someone or some other devices login to your Facebook account that notification will you get on your email id and your mobile number.And this mobile number and email id will helpful when you are forgot your always give email id and your mobile number to Facebook account to secure your Facebook.
  2. Always checking -always check your Facebook account login details and notification history and lock details.Facebook give you a special feature with the help of this feature you can easily give a information how many times you are log in your Facebook account and how many types of devices are running your Facebook account.if you have any type of doubt you can easily change your login details and change your password.actually Facebook give you all type of information that particular place where is your Facebook account is operating now and all type off details which is helpful you too to understand the problem.
    softwares that is the important tips to save your Facebook account I hope you like this post very much and if you like so don’t forget to share with your friends.if you have any type of queries and suggestions so please give us to email or comment box definitely we will try to solve your where is and we are always respect your suggestions.

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