How to make your ATM card safe ?

How to

Hello friends today we are going to discuss on very important topic on ATM card safety. We know we are listening news to ATM frauds. SBI no nowadays the technology will going fastly. But those technology going fastly the process are actually the same. They are trying to lots of way to how to people make a frog and they are using lots of new technology from it so so if you want to be a safe from this type of ros you have to to do some actions.
So in this post I am sharing some important tips to how to say pure ATM card from this type of fraud peoples.this tips are very easy and simple but lots of people don’t use that tips and they will be easily trap to that for people. So if you don’t want to trap that type of people so please read this all post and follow that it’s in your regular life
Best ATM tips

  1. Friends when you are trying to to remove your money from ATM card that type you are typing the pin number is very secret and we always try to make them a secret. Because if our pin number will be population that means the people are tried to to theft our money. So when you are typing a secret pin number that time you have to to use your second hand tu to hide that secret pin number that will help you to nobody see your pin number.
  2. When you are insert you are ATM cardin particular ATM machine that time you have to check that machine is is safe or not. Because most of the time the fraud people try to clone your ATM card and while the clone processing is done they have your ATM card and ATM card pin number also so beware that type of machine insert your card.
  3. Do not hand over your ATM card to any other person.meaning of the people habit to give their ATM card and pin to shop or petrol pumps and shopkeepers airport from their swipe ATM card
    If you are doing this type of mistake that means you are very easy to trap on for people so never give your ATM card and pin number to any other people.
  4. change your ATM card pin number regularly yes friends if you want to tu to make your ATM card safely then try to change your pin number regularly that will help you to protect your ATM card to the fraud people. Because they don’t know your pin number.
  5. Block ATM card when it lost. If you are ATM card lost for you got a message to debited your account information then quickly deactivate or block your ATM card with communicate the bank. So friends that is some important tips to save your ATM card safe.if you follow this step you are card will be safe and your money also. So follow the steps save your money e and ATM
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