How to find your memory card is original or duplicate memory card.

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in today technology is growing very fast. Today smartphone have inbuilt memory. Perhaps memory e card is more popular in the world. Because memory card will store and easily handle. That is the reason lots of people use memory card in their phones and devices. In low budget smartphone does not have inbuilt storage so show that type of phone need a memory card to increase their memory.When you purchase the memory card in the market you can realise one company memory card sale in different price. And lots of duplicate memory cards easily available in the market people could not recognise the original and duplicate memory card difference. Many of the people cheated by the duplicate memory card company. So so in this post I will explain you difference between original memory card and duplicate memory card so you will help to identify the original memory card.
we can see in our smartphone camera and other mobile device have a different type of memory cards available. Every type of memory card have their own functions and virgins available. Which memory card you have is original or duplicate you can identify very easily to following the steps.
Search on Google
Which memory card you have to identify it is original or duplicate you can search their name on Google there is available on Google you can easily understand it is today there are lots of applications are available on play store which is help you to identify the memory card reality. you can see the original card have lots of information available on card which is printed on card back side. You can match the information which is available on internet and your card.if the information match correctly then you can easily identify your card is original. In play store application you can have a option to enter the card details like a card production ID serial number version lots of information you can add to the the application. Why you enter the all information in the application the application will show you the cars valid or invalid. That is the best method to identify your memory card.

   Format your memory card 

that is the second method to identify your memory card is valid or invalid or it is original or can insert your memory card to your devices like laptop or your smartphone and try to format it. When the format process is complete you can see the memory is available on your memory the memory card is original then after the formatting member is still available on itif the memory card is duplicate then when you format your memory card storage will be decrease.
Outside packaging quality
you can see the original memory card have a best quality packaging because it comes high cost so they can give you a best quality packaging services. And the duplicate memory card is cheap so they could not give you the high quality e packaging there packaging is is also cheap and there printing quality is also cheap. You can easily comparison with the printing quality and packaging to identify the card original aur duplicate.
so friends these are some important tips to identify the original memory card or duplicate memory card I hope you like this post and it will help you to.

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