How to save your phone memory from WhatsApp data

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Hello friends as you all know today WhatsApp is the most popular application in our smartphone. Lots of people use WhatsApp regularly. Actually WhatsApp is a database application. WhatsApp is come with both of platform like Android and iOS system.suppose we are not doing some settings that time WhatsApp takes lots of our phone memory .and if we are neglect all this things that time our phone memory will be full and lots of applications are not working properly that time. So we have to do something about that WhatsApp memory problem.
Today in this post I am explain how to save your phone memory from WhatsApp you know we are sharing lots of files messages from WhatsApp to another people.Why we sharing our images audios WhatsApp documents that time the WhatsApp will store that data in our phone.

      There are some important points which are affected our phone mWhatsApp

WhatsApp images videos documents these are media files affected on memory
So friends as we know WhatsApp is the most famous messaging platform in the the world.lots of people using WhatsApp to share their a message documents videos images and lots of data vai mobile phone.actually WhatsApp does not have using this data the customer or users have their own hosting or on database service. WhatsApp is a very popular user-friendly application. WhatsApp is every age people like so much and they are using lots of time WhatsApp.
Do today is WhatsApp is most famous and popular social media platform but also it takes spacious memory in our smartphone. You know we have lots of group our WhatsApp application.everyday we send and receive thousands of messages images videos and it takes lots of memory in our WhatsApp folder.
As we know we have lots of space in our smartphone but this WhatsApp task is so much high. So if you have a lots of space in our memory or smartphone but that is not enough for our thousands of messages. After a few days of few month when we use WhatsApp we can face the problem of insufficient memory. Because we are not using our smartphone only WhatsApp .we use our smartphone like videos making a photos for sending emails and lots of application like WhatsApp. So every application has taking your phone memory continuously. So if you have using WhatsApp lots of time you can face the problem of insufficient memory.
Friends we have solution of this problem you can easily stop WhatsApp memory taking from your phone you can easily clear your phone memory which is using by WhatsApp.
There are few steps

  1. Stop auto downloading option
    Yes read that is very important option which is provided by WhatsApp. This stop auto downloading media option is very helpful to prevent download media files from our we discuss before WhatsApp is a sharing and social media platform so lots of people share their photos medias from groups and personal chat.if we are not select the auto downloading option that means when some peoples send us or share has lots of WhatsApp document that time it automatically downloaded in our whole and our memory..if we are using this stop auto downloading option that means when somebody send you or some group send you the images that will not automatically download to your smartphone. Why you click on this image or particular media files that will be downloaded that time. So it is very helpful to to save our face from WhatsApp data.
  2. WhatsApp database folder –
    friends as we discuss before WhatsApp is a social media platform and it is a app which is used space from our mobile. Friends you no every application has a backup process so what’s also their own backup process.WhatsApp take our chats and group discussion backup folder of WhatsApp database folder.why your WhatsApp have some problem or error that time WhatsApp take backup from your this particular WhatsApp database folder. But it takes lots of size from our you don’t want to take a backup from your WhatsApp then you have to go to the WhatsApp database folder and try to delete that backup can easily see that particular files why you delete in your space will be increased. So friends that is some important tips to save your memory from WhatsApp database files I hope you like this post very much then give us comment or if you have any type of suggestions where is you can write us.

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