What is the search engine and how it is work?


Hello friends today we are discuss on this topic name is search engine. Today we are using internet. Internet have a lots of sites. We can easily Access new information from this site. And if you want to find something we have to search on internet. If you have any type of block then you can easily understand what is the SEO. Today in this first I will give you full information about search engine how it works.
In the internet world search engine have a lots of important so let’s begin to get information about search engine.
What is the search engine?
Search engine is a web-based tool which is user give permission to use www it means world wide web. When the users type something on this search engine box that time it gives a lots of links and web pages provided. There are many types of data available like videos photos websites.
Search engine which is showing content it’s called search engine result page.
Google and Yahoo is the famous search engine which is available on internet. This to search engine is most popular by uses.
How use search engine ?
Actually it is very easy to use search engine. Today we use search engine not only laptop but also our mobile is is very useful to search something. Search engine work in three types of.
What happen when we search in search engine
When we type something in search engine box that time we can see lots of pages available in front of us. Search engine have a there separate algorithm software.
Every search in have a different queries and it shows important results.
Search engine depends on somethings
Your location
What type device you use?
What type of you search before related with this topic!
Which language you use for searching?

When you type something the search engine will find lots of website that particular keyword and width match to your keywords. When your keywords and website keywords match.

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