How to use mobile data in PC or laptop?

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Hello friends today we are going to to learn how to use our mobile data in PC or laptop. Today we are using four g network in our smartphone. How was smartphone is is working like a computer or PC. But many of the people don’t know how to use their mobile to laptop or computer. Because many of the time we have to use laptop and internet connection also. Mobile connection is very cheap and easy to use so many of the people using their mobile connection in PC or laptop regularly.
Today I am going to giving you simple tips and tricks which can you use and you can easily connect your smartphone to your laptop for mobile.
Using Wi-Fi hotspot
this is very simple and easy method to connect your smartphone to your laptop easily. Every smart phone have hotspot. In their setting option or connectivity. When you are mobile data is on that time you have to click your hotspot to your smartphone.
At the same time you have to to click your laptop Wi-Fi connection is on.
When you open your Wi-Fi connection that time your laptop will start to search the mobile Wi-Fi connectivity.when he search your smartphone Wi-Fi connection that time it can display.
You haveclick the particular name of Wi-Fi search and you can see your laptop is connected to your smartphone Wi-Fi connection.
Sometimes mobile have a password protected Wi-Fi connection.if it is password protected you have to enter the password why you are connecting your smartphone to laptop.
This is the various easy and simple method to connect your smartphone to laptop. This method is time saving can put your smartphone to 5 metre near the laptop that doesn’t need any type of wire connection it is a wireless connection that is the benefit of this connectivity. It is data production and receive speed is quite good. This is the latest technology method and many of the people using Wi-Fi connection to using power sharing the network.
This method is used to mobile to mobile network sharing.

The second method used to using wire USB tethering
Friends this is the oldest method to connect your smartphone to laptop or computer. Actually it is connect internet sharing internet to your smartphone and laptop through the wire. This is the USB wire connection. USB tethering connection is useful those type of computer does not have Wi-Fi facility in their system. It is useful method but the drawback of this method is wire connection. This method need to take connection between two devices using a wire show limitations from this you have to use wire and it is very troubling. That is some limitations in using second method via USB tethering.but it is very useful for those computer does not have any Wi-Fi option are there Wi-Fi option is not working.
So friends today we are discuss how to connect your your mobile to your laptop or PC using this to simple method I hope you like this post if you like then comments if you have some suggestions or query you can email for commenting us we will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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