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Hello friends in today we are buy a product not only offline market but also most of the time v use online shopping for it. In last 5 years online market will increase launch of speed. In the future the online market will be most popular in the world. Bit time the online marketing people can believe this type of marketing for shopping. Benefit of the online shopping is that the loss of companies are involved in a same time and same place available on online shopping. Online shopping can give you lots of variety at the same can easily compare that particular product in different sites. The users can easily review and understand the product features.but the online market shopping is a most popular in day but there is lots of chances to cheated from the company online shopping websites. So we have to you take some important it care about it so what we can do you from safe online shopping in this post I am explaining all the the kids that it’s will help you to to save online shopping.

Website reality
today we can see lots of websites are available on internet which is providing you online shopping facility. Meaning of the company make a duplicate website 2 to make a people foolish. They give a lot of discount on product that voice people attract to the website easily. First of all you have to see the website address the website address to must have https that is the symbol of security. If some website don’t have this https that you can easily understand this website is fake. Because the popular company have https website. And there URL is also professional. If you you have some doubt about the website then don’t enter your personal details that type of website.and never use your credit card details for username password email ID on particular website which don’t have https for professional URL.
The e-commercewebsite don’t take the responsibility of this type of website which is cheated the people so that is most important role of users to identify the website which website they can buy buy product. website professional can use some symbol on website like fulfill and associate.
Cash on delivery
In online shopping the lots of cases in front of of cheating. Jane de get your payment fast then they can easily cheat you. Because you don’t it have any option waiting for the product because they get your money and they can easily cheat you so the solution of this you can use cash on delivery on particular order so this is the safest way from cheating by the fraud websites.
Don’t save online payment
Many of the website give you facility to use online payment method. While using online payment method that website can easily store your car details. So there is one option in front of you if you want to don’t card details to the particular website then don’t save your card details. And while you finish your shopping you must have to to clear all the browsing history catches and passwords.
So friends these are some simple and informative tips to give you a a safest way to tu online shopping I hope you like the post and this post will help you

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