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Friends today is technological world. Everything you can get very easily and fastly. In this world everything is related with technology. Because the technology is making life better.the technology is growing very fast then marketing or advertising is most important thing in growing business. So business are using this technology for their growth. In the the whole world lots of technology working then in marketing field how can technology legs behind. So in this today’s topic I will discuss you how tu technology works in digital marketing.
Friends meaning of the people no the marketing what is the marketing and how we e marketing some product. But most of the people don’t know what is the marketing especially the digital marketing so the purpose of the post is tu to introduce you the digital marketing.this is very very useful for those people who want to earn money from the digital marketing so let’s start to take information about digital marketing.
friends before we take the information about digital marketing you must understand what is the marketing?
Friends marketing is the related with the the business.every businessman making some product and he want to sell that product easily so he make advertise about this product. After making advertise he want to publish lots of media to sell their product. The purpose of the advertising is to understand or introduce product to the users and buyers. The whole process of advertising is called marketing.marketing means to advertise your product and reach your product to your users very easy. Why the users can introduce our know about your product it means they can interested to buy your product. To give your product information and sell your product very smartly it’s called marketing.
There are two types of marketing.

  1. Old marketing method it’s called traditional marketing – you know friends the the businessman want to sell their product different types off using method.before the technological many of the peoples are using this traditional marketing method. Actually it is very costly and very hard working method like banner, hoardings, pamphlets, stage shows, and best advertise on bus rickshaws trains, newspaper advertising is also called traditional marketing method.
  2. Second marketing method is digital marketing –
    Friends today we are using smartphone laws of the people using smartphone so when the internet comes in the smartphone everybody using the internet for their different type of purpose. In today’s lifestyle is online lifestyle. Is saving their time. They are using smartphone with internet so digital marketing is based on the online marketing. Because the online marketing is now very popular and useful also. What is the digital marketing –
    The digital marketing is useful for today’s world because most of the people are using online work. Will you separate the two words you can easily understand the meaning of digital marketing. The first word is digital digital means electronic.when we are marketing some product we are not using that all type of method we are try to use the latest technology like digital sale our product. In digital marketing is is based on some new devices on new technology like online shoppings and search engines social media as email and lots of websites. While the businessman is using this method and sell their product or advertise their product on social media or this type of electronic media it’s called digital marketing. How important of digital marketing
    In this today world everything is being technology. Internet is spreading everywhere. Internet is make a very important role in digital marketing. Every person is connected with the internet and he is using the internet regularly. Actually digital marketing is showing advertise on social media so the people don’t have any type of problem why they are using social media and watching advertise on it
    People can easily get that which they want on internet.most of the people want to save their time to purchase the things on the local market the people like to to shopping online market so digital marketing is most popular in this time. Because the people have option to buy the product online then why they waste their time and money to go the offline market.
    Present time it is most important and most needed things to seller and buyer also.in this digital marketing lots of people are connecting with this method. Digital marketing types

Social media. – in social media there are lots of website including like Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn that is social media medium. Thousands of people there posters images on social media we are also chatting on social.lots of people Express their ideas suggestions and emotions on this media so digital marketing is using that platform to show their advertise and earn money or sell their product very easily.

YouTube. – today lots of people using smartphone and they have a YouTube application in their smartphone so YouTube is most popular in social media. Thousands of videos are available on same topic in YouTube channel. YouTube is a free platform to upload and watch video. Many of the people like to watch and upload video on YouTube. YouTube big platform to show advertising a product and make a digital marketing on YouTube.

Android applications –
Today every people have a smartphone.and smartphone have a lots of Android application that means lots of people using Android applications in daily life. So that is the big platform for making advertise on application. Android app have option to to put the ads on this particular application.so advertise have to change their food their advertise on smartphone application and sell their products very easily because the many of the people can access the application at the same time they can watch their ads so
it is the very very big platform for digital marketing.

 . Sofriends this is information about digital marketing I hope you like this post very much if you have any type of queries and suggestion then put your suggestion on comment box.

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